Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Had a scare a few days ago when my back ache was so bad that I could not distinguish between the back pain and the reflective pain that was spreading around the front of my stomach and felt like contractions. It was a little scary as I have had premature labour before, the first time meant five says in hospital and bed rest, the second was arrested just with bed rest at home. I don't want to repeat either of those scenarios.

On a more positive note - we have entered the stage of 'football', you know when baby to be starts playing football with... your bladder! Sometimes you can just see, or should I say feel her tap dancing in celebration after a goal!



Beth said...

How early can you feel a baby moving? I SWEAR I can feel this one already!! But I know there's no way!

mum2twelve said...

I felt Elsa and this baby move a few times early in the fourth month- so it happens. :-) Then nothing for weeks until finally we were experiencing a little movement here and there that became regular fairly soon.