Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Midwife day...

I can't believe how close I am to the biweekly visits. Too soon those will be upon me! The back roads we drive to get there make me grateful that we rarely have snow. Should I still be in Canada, I think I would be asking Hugo to be putting chains on the back tires!

Which reminds me of a rather colourful story of regular wintery night in Canada oh so many years ago. But I will share that in a different post... later. So be sure to tune in, eh?

But back to baby to be.

Growth is right on target and her heart rate was about 144. It is hard to get a really good reading of her heart rate as she has always runs away from the Doppler. She really does not like to be prodded and poked but when she is born she will need to get used to it as I am sure there will be lots of little hands poking and prodding in an attempt to help with the new baby. We have pictures a plenty of only slightly older siblings trying to help new babies with their soothers - and usually missing the target by, oh say, an eye or nostril.

I ( drum roll please) gained only 1/2 a pound! But I can't brag more than that though as I more than gained my fair share the previous months.

My BP is my typical 108/66. However - I am not doing so well in the drinking of plenty of water as I have slight edema so I need to pick up in that area.

Yesterday I saw the Chiropractor and will see him again tomorrow. I have my support belt on (almost 24/7) and I thinkI am seeing some improvement although I have moments when the pain gets so bad that I feel absolutely terrified at the thought of another 3 - 4 months of this!

Well - it is late and I must toddle off to bed now. Good Night and God Bless!


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