Saturday, September 6, 2008


Just got back from getting the groceries with Hugo. We hit Aldis first and then Wal-mart and you don't want to know the total. Let's just say - even I was dismayed. However we were out of quite a few staples like sugar - just a mere 2.09 a bag at ALDIS!

I also needed to satisfy that craving for a cup dark hot chocolate and so snared a hefty container of cocoa powder and a can of whipped cream. When we got home the kids cheered over the pizza while I clasped the cocoa and whipped cream and headed straight to the stove. I had also purchased a bag of white sour dough bread as my craving would not be satisfied without toast drenched in butter and dipped in the steaming hot chocolate. Yum.

But besides worrying about the total cost of this outing - I am also lamenting that we did not stock up on water. But then we are no longer on a well - so even if we were to lose the power as the tip of the weather front slides over us the next few hours - we will still have water. Hopefully! But then I did not expect to be flooded with the last storm front that passed over us and we are still without hot water from that episode. So who knows what the next 24 hours will bring.

Already I hear the soft patter of rain drops on the roof and the swish of tires on the wet pavement outside our windows. I just hope I am not also treated to the sound of cracking wood and ripping branches, as I was last week.

This will post tomorrow (Saturday) as I have already posted twice today and there is the slight chance of losing the power. In this way - I can assure my readers of something new to read in the morning. And now I must rest my very tired and cranky back that began to complain bitterly in the pasta and gravy mix isle. The muscle spasms were starting just below my tummy and stretching all the way around into my spine. I stood there thinking that icing my back would be such a GOOD idea, but stupidly I did not think to ask Hugo to grab an icepack. Instead, as I hobbled to the nearest bench and Hugo hurried through the isles grabbing the last of our needs off the shelves, I wondered how long it would take to chill my sock of rice. I quickly gave up on that idea though as I figured it would be too hard and bunchy to be of any relief.

Ah well - there is always tomorrow, eh?

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