Sunday, September 14, 2008

looking for

... a new chiropractor and this and reading these, in hopes of beating this back pain. Requesting prayers and offering apologies for lack of posts and updates. Seeing the midwife this week. I have lost track of how far along I am. I think I am 24 weeks or 6 months.... Guess I need to read my own blog as I know I posted last week how far along I am...

Off to take a peek at last weeks posts to see just where I am.

(Yup - took a peek and I am indeed 6 months.... so this intense pain is only about 6 weeks ahead of itself, I am thinking I will be hitting Babies R Us asap tomorrow. Please pray for me when I call my (midwife's back up) OBGYN in hopes of a prescription for some more pain meds as my purse was stolen - and guess what life line I had in it???)

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