Wednesday, September 3, 2008


... my back is aching so much - that I cried. I am just a little over halfway there and it is such an exciting time for one's pregnancy. The baby is moving so much that you can not but be aware almost 24/7 of its presence.

Sadly for me though from here on in - I can expect the back pain to begin to cramp my style - severely. It is the price I pay for the honour of so many blessings.

Baby to be now weighs close to 1 pound and my back is clearly objecting to this weight. Still - it is thrilling to be where I am and I ask only for prayers for the grace to continue on and if possible some relief from the pain.



Beth said...

Oh, I'm sorry! You know what? When I was pregnant with Madeleine, I had such severe hip pain and back pain that I went to physical therapy - and my insurance paid for it. She said my hips and back were all out of alignment and she adjusted me and gave me exercises to do to strengthen the muscles around everything. It helped tremendously! (Plus they had this table with a baby hole - and I got to lie on my stomach and get massaged! woohoo!)

mum2twelve said...

When we had insurance I would see my Chiropractor on a regular basis. He used an instrument called an adjuster that was very gentle in adjusting the misalignments. Sadly - there is no insurance these days so I must just suffer along. Oh - and he had special pillows they used to accommodate growing tummies! :-)