Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The half way mark....

So we are at the halfway mark - 21 weeks and a few days into the pregnancy. Today we had the ultrasound and ... it looks like we are having a little girl - number 8. So the girls lead by three now, 8 to 5!

Nathaniel (8) was hoping for a baby brother, but now is really looking forward to meeting his baby sister in January.

Everything looks good, but of course - no one knows for sure until the day we finally meet baby to be. I am excited about looking for some new pink things! I'm just glad to know, but I was kind of hoping for a little boy too. However - once you know - it is just wonderful! And she will have several sisters and a niece who will only be 5 months older than her. I think that is the most fun part - imagining the niece and aunt growing up together. What will it be like to have an aunt younger than YOU???

Baby to be is moving around lots and it was so easy to see it on the ultrasound. Emma, who is five, and Aimee who is her oldest sister (25yo) were both there to see the ultrasound. It was really fun to have them there with their Daddy too. He is also really looking forward to a baby girl - although he thought another little boy would be fun. But there's the rub, eh - they are ALL wonderful fun - boys or girls! We are so blessed to have experienced the raising of both sons and daughters.

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Diane said...

Congratulations ! I am so glad that Elsa will get her sister "Lucy" ahem Lucia ! I had looked for this site when you E mailed about it but just found it today. I am also thrilled to hear that Jenny is expecting too. If my math skills are any good, it should be any day now ? I have thought and prayed about her starting a family since seeing her wedding pictures. I guess that picture of all twelve that I asked for on the other blog is not the best of ideas until the announcement is made. Sorry :-(
I will be praying for all of you and for safe deliveries and healthy little girls. Can't wait to see pictures of that Grand baby followed by pictures of your precious number thirteen.